About Us

Welcome to Refined Image

We’re a premium vintage clothing platform based in London, Ontario. Our team is committed to curating a selection of premium vintage clothing all while redefining how you find pieces you love. At Refined Image, we scan local vintage communities in order to partner with exceptional vintage brands to provide you with premium vintage pieces free of a lengthy shopping process. 


Our Team

We have a dedicated team of five members committed to providing a shopping experience like no other by carefully selecting a wide variety of high-quality and unique designs to add to our collection. Our team is committed to promoting more sustainable shopping practices by collecting quality staples for your wardrobe. We hope to provide you with something from the past that you will love into the future.       


Our Values 

- Promoting environmental sustainability by recycling clothes

- Decreasing CO2 emissions involved in clothing manufacturing

- Discouraging fast fashion purchasing behaviours

- Increasing the accessibility to fashionable clothing

- Elevating the style of the everyday person

- Have a blast while doing all of this